Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sierra Leone Declares State Of Emergency Due To Ebola

The Ebola epicenters of death continue to spread
Last count 672 in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are now dead
Sierra Leone has declared a state of emergency calling out security forces to intervene
Liberia a day before announced plans to aggressively epicenters quarantine
The world has a short memory when it comes to pandemics that millions have killed
Especially where here there is no warning of gestation and no vaccine or life saving pills
Too many people living in slums with sanitation are forlorn hope
If the epicenters spread these nations are going to have a tough time to cope
To his credit the Sierra Leone leader is canceling a D.C. trip
Not playing golf but meeting with his neighbors in the Ebola spreading grip
A little over hundred years ago 20 million victims of the Spanish Flu dropped like flies
A very painful disease and not a very pleasant way to die
The world was not flat in those days and transoceanic or transcontinental air did not exist
Limited to ships and trains the disease spread very quickly, all too fast, its spread too hard to resist
Today an infected traveler can board a jet in a Sierra Leone airport and land in the U.S. in 10 hours or less
If this outbreak spreads outside of West Africa its growing number of victims will be had to suppress
As humans we may be at the top of the food chain and mental heap
Susceptible more than ever to the bacteria and viruses that our immune system may not beat
© July 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Hamas A Humanitarian Group What Was Pelosi Smoking?

Gaza is looking more and more like an underground piece of Swiss cheese
With deep tunnels enabling Hamas to go here and there as they please
Human moles from our experience in Vietnam are difficult to root out and kill
Each day more Israeli soldiers are added to the butcher’s bill
Joined by numerous Palestinians that Hamas has put in harm’s way
More deaths only adding to the Blood Debt in the future the Jewish State may have to repay
As long as the rockets of Hamas are on the attack
The U.S. and the EU need to get off Israel’s back
For Pelosi to on an interview CNN that Hamas is a humanitarian organization imply
All sense of common sense and reason defy
Worse Pelosi alleges that the Qataris believe Hamas is not a terrorist group
The same Qataris to whom the Taliban leaders we released and are planning how many Americans they can shoot
Pelosi has on the issue of Hamas as much credibility as Reid’s   claim the border is secure
How many more flights into unreality from the two of them do we have to endure?

Ebola On A Plane--A Scary Thought

With Boko Haram on a killing spree Nigeria is a dangerous place
Today even more frightening news of Ebola virus laying waste
In a world now flat with borders so easy to fly over and land
Ebola was on a flight from Liberia a disease we humans cannot withstand
West Africa is a cauldron for this sickness that almost always kills
There is no vaccine, there are no life saving pills
When will open up the news to hear someone with Ebola has stepped off a plane
Having infected passengers heading off to cities and town making it impossible the spread to contain
No outward signs of illness only enduring another lousy service flight.
Days later infected not knowing it and unable to withstand the viruses’ deadly might.
Serious stuff and one hopes the CDC has put its anthrax handling mess behind.
If not, this country and any nation accepting passengers from the area of infection could be in a real bind
© July 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

GAO Report Slams Feds Over Rollout

Once again proof that the Obama Administration is totally inept
GAO report has just confirmed what most of us suspect roll out was a disaster and complete management meltdown
But that is the norm when many an agency is run by inept clowns
Kathleen Sibelius was completely out of her league and should have been shown the door
Her actions caused the taxpayers to pay hundreds of millions more
In the private sector customer satisfaction usually comes first
Or one’s business quickly heads to the morgue in a second hand hearse
But dealing with the feds seems to be a license to steal
Almost like playing with monopoly money not real
Accountability is lacking and in cases like the VA the incentive is to cook the books
Getting rid of incompetent fed managers never gets a closer urgent look.
© July 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

Brandon Paulson With 100 m.p.h. Heat No Longer Trucking Drafted By The Twins

The news about Paulson being drafted by the Twins is refreshing to say the least
A truck driver for his father but his heat is a hundred mile an hour beast
Forget about the image of baseball players as chaw chewing dumb jocks
Paulson played for the Academy of Fine Arts but with an E.R.A. that would shock
Almost nine that suggests his control he might need to tune
Or his pitching career might come to an early ruin
One day driving a truck, the other on the Prune Pickers mound
This is truly the land where dreams abound
250 k as a drafting bonus for him to sign with the Twins
Headed to the Show; for the dreamers in us all let’s hope he piles up the wins.
© July 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet