Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Many More Crucifixions and Beheadings Before Our CinC Is No Longer Missing in Action

Like most Americans the news of a video of another American being beheaded made me sick
More so that on this day in 1901 a non feckless future President warned “to speak softly but carry a big stick.”
More painfully so that just days ago a mother for her son’s life did plead
While a President either will not or cannot on ISIS lead.
Somewhere in the Middle East most likely Qatar the ISIS leader hides
We need to be convincing the Saudis, Emirates they need to come over to civilization’s side
All nations need to join in the Crusade to stop this barbaric tide
They have no right to live if the basic rules of humanity they will not abide
We used to have a military that would be able to fight a two front war
No longer as cuts to men and equipment continue to soar
If ISIS has havens in Syria, we need to with Assad have a little chat
Move your troops back and we will go after them with drones, harpoons and laser guided bats
Pound these fanatics back to the stone age where their barbarism rightfully belongs
No more dithering and lack of strategy so their barbarism will be prolonged
For the Kurds more than rifles, bullets and grenades, but mortars, anti tank rockets and artillery
And over them an air armada as far as the eye can see
No more pledges and distaste of no boots on the ground
ISIS must be in the dark wondering where is the next incoming round?
Military cuts need to come to an abrupt end
That is a feckless message to terror to send
Cut off the fanatics from their source of oil production and supply
Their funding sources will begin to die
Since like rats swimming from a sinking ship these barbarians will seek our shores
As to our porous border on the South we must close and lock that door
Poets are not warriors or generals only heralds to tragedy and success in verse extol and  record
But akin to Maliki forced out Obama needs to reach out abroad and here to release he needs to lead—ISIS will not go away of its own accord
© September 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

750 Million and Climbing to Educate the Illegal Minors Obaama Refuses to Deportminoill clim&%)

The check for educating the thousands of UACs that Obama does not want to deport back to their parents to reunite
Is coming in at close to a billion; but will most likely climb further out of sight
This is a major fiscal problem for school districts by law all children required to educate
As the word spreads in Central America of no deportations, more will risk life and limb to here emigrate
The uproar from immigration rights groups is of course this is a cost we can afford
Even as more children without parents continue to our borders move toward
We may be the richest country in the world but that wealth is going further into hock
Trillions of increasing debt to the Chinese as the debt reaper of our kids’ future continues to stalk
The million hand spins without letup on our nation’s debt clock
If interest rates start to rise, any chance of returning to solvency will be blocked.
It is tragic to see young children from Central America riding the dangerous rails
But just as so seeing our young of color burdened by lack of education rotting in our jails
© September 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Burger King Tim Horton's Inversion Blues--Lower The U.S. Rate

Burger King and Buffet are drawing a good deal of Congressional ire
Merger with Tim Horton’s in Canada means an inversion for the U.S. buyer
Lost in the outrage and unpatriotic claims
Compete with the usual corporate greed blame
Just like our borders are totally porous to the movement of desperate feet
Capital flows even faster where there are lower taxes to help it compete
At 35 percent we have the highest corporate tax rate
Riddled with social engineering exemptions and credits, inversions will increase not abate
Worse we are the only nation that offers an incentive to profits abroad not repatriate
Two trillion dollars of earnings stay abroad to avoid the taxes that would await
What would our economy do if like the amnesty to illegals Obama wants to grant?
We could give amnesty to the earnings brought home to our economy revamp?
A one year moratorium on taxes to this country returned
While free of blame and fair share sound bites we tried to close loopholes but with lower rates allow business to keep more of what they earned
Maybe in the climate of partisan D.C. grip a forlorn pipe dream
But unless we act to reform inversion will continue in a steady stream.
© September 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Why Rob A Bank When You Can Steal Used Grease---AB 1566 To The Rescue

Never underestimate the ingenuity of thieves
In their attempt to the property of others relieve
The latest target is of all things used grease
Becoming more valuable each day as demand and price increase
Grease recyclers service some 22,000 restaurants in this state
Late at night the thieves come out and their thefts are increasing, will not abate
Millions of dollars of grease sales are being lost
Where pennies matter, the thefts are a punishing cost
To the rescue Holden and AB 1566 the Grease Theft Bill now awaiting Brown’s pen
Increase penalties, impounds vehicles of grease thieve who social mores break and bend
Another example of social rules of behavior continuing to decline
At least it’s smelly theft as opposed the more lucrative white collar crime.
© September 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

From Fairbanks To Florida Keys Government Waste Is Rampant--7 Grand To Appeal A $37.50 Fineto i

I thought the office of mayor in Fairbanks was mostly a figurehead
Must be wrong; the current mayor must think it is a springboard instead
How else to explain the city spending at last count seven grand to appeal
A fine of $37.50 for the mayor for email use; it seems almost surreal
As a city official, the city must defend the mayor but why not just the fine pay
Save the almost seven grand of tax dollars to spend in more productive ways
The first rule of litigation that most businesses are taught
Is that spending on lawyers instead of settling is often pure rot
Dollars on litigation that makes no economic sense
Whether as plaintiff or a member of the defense
Are real dollars that the bottom line adversely affects
While management time from the business the litigation deflects
I know not what party the mayor claims as his home
But spending this amount is reason gone, an uncontrolled roam
Can’t blame the lawyers they are paid to defend
Even if the rules of reason this case seems to bend
Man up Mr. Mayor; stop the appeal and pay the small fine
Apologize for the error and help bring the city government back into a fiscally proper design.

© September 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet